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How to Root Andy Emulator under Mac OS X

I will explain here how you can Root the lastest Andy OS under Mac OS X.


First of all you need following:

For checking if Andy is rooted, you should download RootChecker.

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Zend Framework 2: Authentication + Acl using EventManager

This is a first try to implement Zend Authentication with Zend Acl under ZF2. I used the EventManager to catch the MVC preDispatch Event so that I can evaluate if the user has or not permission for the requested page.

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Git Over HTTP (git-http-backend)


I found really annoying that all Git guides I found talked about using Git over SSH, thats because I googled until I found that Git now comes with git-http-backend, which lets you to configure your webserver to serve git over HTTP/HTTPS.

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SimpleXML vs XMLWriter vs DOM


I have done a little Performance test for the 3 different methods available in PHP for XML generation. For this test I wrote a little script which generates the same XML File using the different methods.

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Eclipse/ZendStudio custom username for Code Templates

At work we started using Zendstudio, as the installation on our Linux Boxes is global, we can’t edit the ZendStudio.ini, and the only way to specify our custom username for Code Templates is using the commandline arguments. The easiest way is to create a shell script to start ZendStudio:

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