Netbeans Performance Switches

I recently have began to use Netbeans because I’m sad that Eclipse is every time slower and it frozes every time when you are doing something to fast.

Netbeans is not perfect, and there are some features that need to be polished (Ex.: SVN Support, Time Tracking like Mylyn), but the PHP/HTML/CSS/JS Support is excellent, in my opinion better than the Eclipse PDF support.

These is my netbeans_default_options for Netbeans for MacOSX (under Windows you can leave out the –laf switch, it’s for changing the look and feel):

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Vlogin – Roundcube Plugin

I just released the first version of my Vlogin Plugin for Roundcube. This plugin is based on the Vlogin for Squirrelmail.

For now the only implemented function is that you can login using only “user” and roundcube will authenticate against IMAP using the domain extracted from the webmail URL.

You can get download the plugin from the Vlogin Bitbucket project page.


Since I had to disable the PTR check in Postfix at Binware because in Spain 90% of mail servers are badly configured and they were all rejected, and now we have lot of spam.

So I decided to install Spamassassin and Clamav to detect and reject some of this spam.

First of all, we need to install needed packages:

apt-get install spamassassin amavisd-new clamav clamav-daemon

We will begin configuring amavisd-new, the configuration files are at /etc/amavis/conf.

In file 20-debian_defaults I changed the header that will be added to each mail processed:

$X_HEADER_LINE = "AntiSpam/Antivirus Scanner at $mydomain";

We need to activate antispam and antivirus check in amavis, this is found in file 15-content_filter_mode. We need to uncomment @bypass_virus_checks_maps and @bypass_spam_checks_maps. The file will look like this:

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Eclipse Configuration for Web Development

After trying very different IDE and many Eclipse IDE flawors, this is the best configuration I have found, and all the components are free.

First of all we need to download Eclipse Classic from the Eclipse website.

One of the first things we need to do is to change eclipse.ini, we will make it start faster and increase the memory limit


The path to Java VM depends on your installation and system, in windows you must search for “javaw.exe”. Setting the path to Java VM makes that Eclipse stops searching for the Java VM every start, which makes the start faster.

Now we can start installing the required Plugins. In “Help->Install New Software…” we will add the following Update Sites.

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Hoy repasando los RSS, he visto que anieto2k ha publicado un script para jQuery que convertia un formulario en varios pasos. Lo que ha hecho tener la idea de hacer lo mismo pero con Mootools.

El funcionamiento es el mismo que el script de anieto2k, busca por defecto un formulario (estoy preparandolo para que funcione con mas de uno…) con la class stepMe y lo divide por fieldsets.

Se puede personalizar al crear la clase:

  • strBack: ‘string de volver’
  • strNext: ‘string de siguiente’
  • blockEl: ‘tag para usar en la division’
  • className: ‘class del formulario’

He adjuntado un pequeño fichero HTML para verlo en funcionamiento (AVISO: no tiene CSS!!)

Lo podeis descargar aqui: MooStepForm v.0.1