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Zend Framework 2: Authentication + Acl using EventManager

This is a first try to implement Zend Authentication with Zend Acl under ZF2. I used the EventManager to catch the MVC preDispatch Event so that I can evaluate if the user has or not permission for the requested page.

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SimpleXML vs XMLWriter vs DOM


I have done a little Performance test for the 3 different methods available in PHP for XML generation. For this test I wrote a little script which generates the same XML File using the different methods.

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Eclipse/ZendStudio custom username for Code Templates

At work we started using Zendstudio, as the installation on our Linux Boxes is global, we can’t edit the ZendStudio.ini, and the only way to specify our custom username for Code Templates is using the commandline arguments. The easiest way is to create a shell script to start ZendStudio:

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Netbeans Performance Switches

I recently have began to use Netbeans because I’m sad that Eclipse is every time slower and it frozes every time when you are doing something to fast.

Netbeans is not perfect, and there are some features that need to be polished (Ex.: SVN Support, Time Tracking like Mylyn), but the PHP/HTML/CSS/JS Support is excellent, in my opinion better than the Eclipse PDF support.

These is my netbeans_default_options for Netbeans for MacOSX (under Windows you can leave out the –laf switch, it’s for changing the look and feel):

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Eclipse Configuration for Web Development

After trying very different IDE and many Eclipse IDE flawors, this is the best configuration I have found, and all the components are free.

First of all we need to download Eclipse Classic from the Eclipse website.

One of the first things we need to do is to change eclipse.ini, we will make it start faster and increase the memory limit


The path to Java VM depends on your installation and system, in windows you must search for “javaw.exe”. Setting the path to Java VM makes that Eclipse stops searching for the Java VM every start, which makes the start faster.

Now we can start installing the required Plugins. In “Help->Install New Software…” we will add the following Update Sites.

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